1. HRVP International & Global Functions

Kellogg Company

Keith Lawrence

Peak Performance Strategist

I had the great honor of partnering with Angel Rodriguez on the Pringles acquisition by Kelloggs. He is one of the most principled leaders I have ever worked with in my four decades in business. He cares deeply for others and is a master at engaging and energizing others. This combined with his deep technical mastery and instincts for business translates into great results, Pringles…more

March 27, 2013, Keith worked directly with Angel L. at Kellogg Company

Senior Vice President Human Resources

United Surgical Partners International

Shannon Mosley

Vice President of Talent Acquisition

I enjoyed working for Angel Rodriguez and found his leadership to be inspiring and compelling. Angel is a visonary leader with strong family values and great work ethic.

September 17, 2012, Shannon reported to Angel L. at United Surgical Partners International

Susan Aylor, MSHRM

Human Resources Generalist at DFW International Airport

Angel Rodriguez is an amazing leader, he is always thinking strategically, and focusing on the next steps. He is a big-picture leader who thrives on collaboration. Angel drives the momentum within HR, and creates results. I feel honored to have worked for Angel, and am positive that he will be a huge asset in any role he takes on.

November 10, 2011, Susan worked indirectly for Angel L. at United Surgical Partners International

Group Vice President HR – US Sales and Operation


Sergio Madrid

Director of Human Resources at ESPN, Division of Disney

Angel Rodriguez is an inspirational leader with a unique blend of deep business acumen along with a remarkable ability to connect with individuals of all levels of the organization. Angel championed many business and functional initiatives to elevate HR’s worth as a true business partner. His legacy and the fingerprints of his work in the areas of employee advocacy, supports &…more

December 12, 2012, Sergio reported to Angel L. at FRITO LAY

Joel Philo

Behavioral Scientist at PeopleAnswers

Angel Rodriguez is a personable and dedicated leader with a strong vision. His humility and drive contributed to the success of Frito Lay and I enjoyed partnering with him on several projects.

July 22, 2011, Joel worked indirectly for Angel L. at FRITO LAY

Scott Logeman

Vice President HR, iHeartMedia

Angel Rodriguez is a savvy, charismatic leader who places the developmental needs of his team and organization at the center of his agenda. Angel possesses an extensive and diverse HR background, is extremeley effective in driving organizational change, and has a unique ability to establish long standing, trusting, and highly credible relationships with leaders at all levels.

July 19, 2011, Scott reported to Angel L. at FRITO LAY

Hector Ramirez

President, The Archer Group

Angel Rodriguez is one of the most talented executive leaders I have ever had the pleasure to work with. His ability to develop the best in people in unparalled. Further, his commitment to the Hispanic/Latino community has earned him the highest level of respect and admiration from the business, government and nonprofit sectors.

June 17, 2011, Hector was with another company when working with Angel L. at FRITO LAY

Al Lopez

Business & Leadership Advisor

Angel Rodriguez is a very effective leader and will add value to any organization, regardless of industry or size. He understands the simple fact that it is all about the “talent” in the organization — it is strong talent that makes companies successful! Angel is visionary, has outstanding presentation & communication skills and exercises superior judgment. Treats people with…more

June 16, 2011, Al managed Angel L. indirectly at FRITO LAY

David Youngerman

Exec. Search in Consumer Pkg.’d Goods Industry

Angel Rodriguez is a true business partner whose candor, sincerity, and style always accomplishes what is best by all involved. Simply put, he cares about the business result but equally cares about the human impact. Unfortunately, this type of approach is too rare these days.
He is a unique business person, HR executive, and friend whom I feel fortunate to be in his inner circle.

June 16, 2011, David was a consultant or contractor to Angel L. at FRITO LAY

Ruben Puente, CFE

Assistant Director – University of Texas System

“Strategic, innovative, collaborative and customer driven: Angel Rodriguez is a dynamic business leader whose highly competive insight compliments his leadership style. He is a very capable executive with the ability to analyze business problems and efficiently provide solutions that are results driven. Angel is a good communicator, creating the proper environment to…more

December 30, 2010, Ruben worked indirectly for Angel L. at FRITO LAY

Jose Motta

VP Total Rewards & HRIS at Dean Foods

I have worked and known Angel Rodriguez for approximately the last ten years. On a professional basis he is in my opinion one of the best human resources professionals I have met in my career. He leads by example, has unquestionable integrity, has significant technical knowledge of the HR field, consistently demonstrates executive maturity and is a truly inspiring people leader. On…more

October 18, 2010, Jose worked directly with Angel L. at FRITO LAY

David L. Gonzales

President and CEO at David L. Gonzales & Associates,LLC

It is my privilege to recommend Angel Rodriguez, a proven human resource executive , who is nationally recognized for his passion and work in this functional area. Specifically, Angel has consistently proven himself to be a top-notch strategist in talent management which most importantly is tied to field execution and driving business performance. As importantly is his…more

October 9, 2010, David L. worked with Angel L. at FRITO LAY

Rodney Vinegar


Angel Rodriguez is a motivating and engaging Human Resource Executive that understand the balance of the advocacy and business roles of Human Resources. I would not have achieved my level of excellence without the guidance and coaching of Angel. Angel develops deep and influential relationships that allows him to provide you the support to be a successful independent leader. As all…more

October 2, 2010, Rodney reported to Angel L. at FRITO LAY

Jaime A. Vasque

Chief Marketing Officer at Impact Beverage

I have had the pleasure of knowing Angel for about 15 years since we both worked at Pepsi. Not only has he been a colleague at PepsiCo but more importantly a great friend. Angel was a Market Unit H.R. Manager at the time that we met and was a very impressive leader who had the full respect and admiration of everyone he came in contact with.

Angel has various positive…more

July 21, 2010, Jaime A. worked with Angel L. at FRITO LAY

Nick Adame

VP Commercial Finance at Saputo Dairy Foods (SDF) Division of Saputo Inc.

Angel Rodriguez and I worked together at Frito-Lay and PepsiCo in establishing several critical leadership and executive development initiatives. During these experiences, Angel led thru his creativity, his passion, and his unparrelled ability to forge and leverage cross-divisional relationships in a heavily matrixed organization. His deep foundation in organizational development…more

July 19, 2010, Nick worked with Angel L. at FRITO LAY

David Gomez

Founder/CEO of DG&A, Inc.- Expert in Executive Search, Diversity Consulting & Corporate Board Placement.

Angel Rodriguez is a true professional. I have known him over 10 years. He is highly respected in the business community as a HR leader. The Latino community looks up to Angel as one of it’s leaders! He is truly gifted individual that represents integrity at the highest level. It is my honor and privilege to recommend him!

July 19, 2010, David was with another company when working with Angel L. at FRITO LAY

Stuart Crawford

Helping Managed IT Service Companies With Marketing, Sales and Lead Generation.

I have only known Angel Rodriguez for a short period of time. Angel is a client of ours at Ulistic and his integrity in dealing through our professional relationship is something I want to model. Angel is passionate about leadership and help those he works work and those he may never meet.

July 17, 2010, Stuart was with another company when working with Angel L. at FRITO LAY

Juan Lopez

President of Amistad Associates, Professional Training & Coaching Consultant

Angel Rodriguez is a seasoned professional with excellent leadership skills. He understands the importance of developing talent, recruiting future leaders and how to create a collaborative work environment. He manages diversity effectively and this allows him to work in the Human Resource arena to get things done.

July 17, 2010, Juan worked with Angel L. at FRITO LAY

Raymond J. Arroyo

Managing Director at Reffett Associates

Angel Rodriguez is exquisitely talented and inspirational Fortune 100 executive. Angel has achieved the senior management ranks by delivering results, leveraging his impressive intellectual capabilities, business savvy, and strong leadership skills. I have had the privilege of knowing Angel for more than 10 years and during that time he has consistently demonstrated strong values, a…more

July 17, 2010, Raymond J. was with another company when working with Angel L. at FRITO LAY

Group VPHR


Juan Lopez

President of Amistad Associates, Professional Training & Coaching Consultant

Angel Rodriguez is an accomplished leader with great global human resources and organizational skills. He provides vision and motivation.

March 23, 2013, Juan worked directly with Angel L. at FRITO LAY U.S OPERATIONS

Kerry Starrett

Global Compensation Manager at Celanese

I had the privilege of working for Angel Rodriguez at Frito Lay. He was a great leader, who was always supportive of his team. Angel was extremely knowledgeable and could always be counted on to develop effective solutions in any situation. He was highly respected and a great mentor. Angel is a true professional and I would be glad to work with Angel again in the future.

March 7, 2013, Kerry reported to Angel L. at FRITO LAY U.S OPERATIONS

Mark Kempa

National Director – Demo Sales – Mars Inc, The Nutro Company

Very rarely in ones career will a leader impact your life both professionally and personally. Additionally, when a leader takes the time and effort to vest in your personal development, it creates an even greater impact and bond beyond the role of “leader/direct report.” Angel Rodriguez has been that type of mentor and leader to me. I can say confidently that Angel has this type of…more

June 24, 2011, Mark worked indirectly for Angel L. at FRITO LAY U.S OPERATIONS

Louis Burrell

VP & Chief Human Resources Officer at Roofing Supply Group (RSG)

I had the pleasure to work for Angel Rodriguez at Frito-Lay and found him to be an exceptional leader and a role model for HR executives on how to motivate and inspire others to work toward a common vision. He has the unique ability to take very complexity issues and filter the message so that it’s simple enough for everyone to understand. He is one of the very best executive…more

August 2, 2010, Louis reported to Angel L. at FRITO LAY U.S OPERATIONS

Jose Lopez-Mendez

Environmental Compliance Manager at URS Corporation

First of all, Angel Rodriguez is a great human being. I first met Angel when he was a Director of HR for Frito-Lay based out of the San Antonio manufacturing plant. His leadership and people skills were immediately evident, but then again, many successful professionals have these skills. What set Angel apart were his passion and his genuine concern for others. While Angel has always…more

July 21, 2010, Jose worked with Angel L. at FRITO LAY U.S OPERATIONS

Angelo Jeremy Marquez, MBA

Subsea Systems Project Manager for Production Systems at Onesubsea

While I workd at Frito Lay, I had the pleasure of acquiring the mentorship from Angel Rodriguez. Angel is a model for the organization that leads by example with what we know is right. Leaders are people who do the right thing; managers are people who do things right. Angel pushed me to understand these two distinct contrasts which helped me to improve both my personal ad…more

July 19, 2010, Angelo Jeremy worked indirectly for Angel L. at FRITO LAY U.S OPERATIONS

Louis Laguardia, Ph.D.

Owner, Managing Member at Human Capital Directions, LLC

I have known Angel for over 10 years and had the opportunity to work with him, first as a member of the Frito Lay North America Latino Hispanic Advisory Board, and later as a colleague at Frito Lay North America. Angel is an experienced Human Resources Professional who is fully committed to excellence in the execution of his responsibilities, and understands the strategic…more

July 19, 2010, Louis worked directly with Angel L. at FRITO LAY U.S OPERATIONS

Oliver Spencer

Sales Director – Western Region at Kellogg Company

Rarely in my career managing and leading people have I worked with a more competent, compassionate, caring HR partner than Angel Rodriguez. Not only is Angel all of the above but his standards on development and accountability of employees is second to none in my experience. He was is a great coach, motivator and innovator within the HR field. I would highly reccomend him…more

June 10, 2008, Oliver was with another company when working with Angel L. at FRITO LAY U.S OPERATIONS

Lance Wilson

Vivature – Director of Sales

Angel was the Best Mentor and Business friend anyone could ask for. I still apply all of the lesson I learned from him during our time together.

Anyone working with or for Angel will find the experience a positive one. Given the opportunity, anyone should jump at the chance. You will learn more and enjoy your work more than you would have ever dreamed.

April 23, 2008, Lance worked indirectly for Angel L. at FRITO LAY U.S OPERATIONS


Frito Lay
José Gómez

Experienced Diversity, Communications, Public Affairs and Multicultural Markets leader.

I am writing this letter of recommendation in full support for Angel Rodriguez.

Mr. Rodriguez is a consummate professional with impeccable credentials and outstanding background. During the ten years I have known Angel in a professional capacity, he consistently demonstrated innovative subject matter expertise as an HR business partner.

Angel is a dedicated…more

March 7, 2013, José was with another company when working with Angel L. at Frito Lay

Ligia Emilcen Fontenot

Learning & Development Specialist at Invensys Operations Management

I had the privilege to work with Angel Rodriguez at Frito Lay, Inc and highly recommend any opportunity to partner with him. He is a visionary! Angel is not only strategic but also a great leader that inspire by example. I personally admire his passion for leadership and his philanthropic connection with the Latino community.

May 9, 2012, Ligia Emilcen reported to Angel L. at Frito Lay

Bob Lockett

VP, Global Talent Management at First Data Corporation

Angel Rodriguez was a great leader when I worked for him. He challenged the team to exceed expectations, and ensured we understood the fundamentals of the business, as well as the craft of HR. During our time together, he led the creation of the Field Staffing Model, engaged us with the appropriate Diversity organizations and improved cost per hire. Angel always focused on…more

December 29, 2010, Bob reported to Angel L. at Frito Lay

Carole Smith, SPHR cwest1356@gmail.com

Market Manager at Walmart Stores, Inc.

Angel Rodriguez was always a pleasure to work with. He is very passionate about developing others and took a significant leadership role in strengthening the alumni network for INROADS. He is a world class leader, dedicated to delivering results. I hope I have the opportunity to work with Angel again.

August 23, 2010, Carole was a consultant or contractor to Angel L. at Frito Lay


Manny Gomez

Regional Director at H&R Block

Angel Rodriguez is an amazing HR leader with the unique ability to inspire individuals, teams, departments and entire companies. He is an expert in public communication and yet manages to connect with people one on one.

Angel is a admired and accomplished business peer and partner that builds trust and confidence with every relationship.

Most importantly, he leverages…more

July 27, 2010, Manny worked directly with Angel L. at Frito Lay

Michael Embry

Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist at Financial Industry Regulatory Authority

I had the great privilege and opportunity to work for Angel Rodriguez as a staffing manager at Frito Lay headquarters in Dallas. Angel Rodriguez is a visionary and a strategic thinker who also understands how to create the tactics and tools necessary to achieve real results. Angel has been an outstanding motivator and mentor, not only to me but to the many people who know him professionally…more

July 26, 2010, Michael reported to Angel L. at Frito Lay



Srinivas Poluru, PMP

Group Manager at Children’s Medical Center

Angel Rodriguez, is a careful and creative thinker with an eye for details and a devotion to logic, which serve him well both in the academics and outside in the business environment. He has the ability to draw on his own experience and observations to develop thoughtful opinions on a variety of issues. His regular contributions to class discussion provided insight for his peers and…more

September 17, 2012, Srinivas studied with Angel L. at UTD

Urooj Burney

Health Industries Advisory – Security, Privacy & Risk at PwC

Angel Rodriguez is one of those charismatic leaders that you automatically trust when you meet him. Upbeat and welcoming, he was always willing to listen and share advice. These traits enabled him to work well with everyone in class.

Angel’s professionalism and grasp of business knowledge was apparent in his exchanges with the professors. His style of presentation really…more

June 10, 2012, Urooj studied with Angel L. at UTD