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5 Personalities to Grow Your Team

If you consider yourself successful, take a step back and consider how you arrived at this point. What decisions did you make to bring you one step closer? And who helped you? Many successful leaders thrive on autonomy and independence, but is it feasible that you would have reached this point of success without the help of others? Leadership is a skill, and you would not be able to develop your leadership skills without of a supportive team to help you attain your goal. Your team, and their development, is crucial for overall success. Below is a list of five personality types you should consider recruiting.


  1. Contrary – This type of character will be confident in himself. He or she will not hesitate to question the status quo, and while they may come off stubborn and head-strong, they will challenge your thinking and condition you to think in new ways.
  2. Curious – While feeding a curious appetite can be time-consuming, it shows deep self-reflection and endless thirst for more knowledge. Curious individuals aren’t attempted to learn it all, they are attempting to understand more.
  3. Critical – Nobody likes to feel like they are constantly under a microscope, and oftentimes that is not the intention of a critical person. Those who are critical will challenge your standards of work and development. This may not be the most nurturing characteristic, but a healthy dose of constructive criticism can lead to your own development.
  4. Candid – Honestly speaking your mind takes courage. Appreciate those who approach you with their sincere thoughts and opinion. These people are speaking to you in a genuine way, and are often offering help.
  5. Confidant – You will need somebody to provide honest advice you can depend on. Find someone who you trust, and who has demonstrated their value. This person will be vital, they will listen to your insights and have honest discourse with you.

As a leader, you will need confidence in your team to reach your endgame. The members of your team should reflect qualities you admire in yourself. A memorable leader trains others to develop their own leadership qualities. To see the full list of personalities to recruit, check out Entrepreneur magazine online.