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Leadership in Business

The Essence of a Leader

Angel Rodriguez Frito Lay

Change is the only constant in our world. A leader is someone who creates change, hopefully for the benefit of the whole.

In business, having good leadership could mean the difference between a heathy company and an incompetent one. The leader must think ten steps ahead and plan accordingly. Fact of the matter is, change is going to happen whether plans have been set or not. A leader’s role is to account for those changes, be responsible for creating a solution, and assign everyone a role that helps build the outcome.

Being a leader in a growing company means seeing the potential in others. A good leader will find the best way to utilize valuable skills that are already present. Leaders influence others to be leaders within their own realm. A great leader will help another person get to where they are.

It’s important to have great leaders in the education system. This way, kids have someone and something to look up to for their futures. Education is of utmost importance and having great leaders teach children can make a huge difference in their lives. Motivating, inspiring and instilling a sense of responsibility in students could be one of the most important lessons they learn.

Good leaders don’t just tell people what they should do – they advise and listen to concerns, and offer suggestions. A good leader will plant the seed of their idea into the mind of the pupil and wait for that seed to grow – even if it takes some time.

People look up to leaders for guidance and tasks, however, this is a reaction from the initial job of a leader. Eventually, people start to look up to they leaders with great respect and follow them in any direction. A great leader will encourage people to think for themselves and cultivate their own moral compass. It goes without saying that great leaders see the beauty and invaluable asset in diversity.

Leaders talk about ideas – Not people or events. They only talk ideas. This shows something very important: that leaders are very mature in terms of looking past petty things and focusing on the bigger picture.

The most important thing to remember if you are a leader is to rely on your inner wisdom. This is something that is cultivated over time and takes practice – becoming a great leader does not happen over night. It could take years to get to a point where you trust your every move and decision.
The important thing to act on is embracing your role, inspiring your people, and adapting to change.